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You might think that since we have already discussed location we are repeating ourselves, but position is also important. A mansion in Toorak may be in a great location but if it is built too close to high voltage power lines or a major road junction it’s value will suffer. We are looking for well positioned property as well as well located property.

Rental Return
We will always obtain an independent rental appraisal of the properties we offer. We will approach local property managers whose business it is to understand the local supply and demand for rentals. We also recommend NRAS long term tenancies to ensure the best result for our clients.

Value for Money
With the tightening of lending practices by many financial institutions and the changed face of lending that has resulted from the GFC valuations are critical to our business.  Frankly it would be a waste of both our time and our client’s time for us to recommend a property only to find it fails to meet their lenders valuation criteria. For this reason we will only recommend property which we are confident will meet valuation standards. To achieve this we will do a comparative market analysis of every property we offer. We have been asked if we can provide a valuation with the property and the answer to this is more complicated than it seems. Valuers, generally, prepare a valuation for a specific purpose and for a specific entity. When a valuer prepares his valuation he will add a disclaimer saying it is not to be used for any purpose and by any entity except the one who commissioned it. So if we commission a valuation we are not allowed to give it to you and you are not allowed to rely on it. This may all sound like legal semantics but it is the reality of the area we operate in. The only valuation that really matters is the one commissioned by your bank or other lender. This is the valuation which they will base their decision on.

Design & Finish 
Design and finish of a property are important. Although we have stressed that this is a financial decision and we should not care about colour of carpets (within reason – lime green shag will not help) we do care about the properties let-ability and saleability. A well designed property with a high level of internal finish and spaciousness will obviously rent and eventually sell better than a poorly designed one. We recommend properties which include features which will attract the highest potential rent. These things vary from area to area but in Queensland features such as airflow and air-conditioning are important to most tenants.

Quality of Developer 
Many investors never have any contact with the developer of their property. In most cases this is because the project goes smoothly and no contact is required. We aim to ensure that this is true of our projects. Many of the developers we partner with will be household names and particularly if our client is buying off-the-plan we aim to provide peace of mind by only working with developers who we are confident will deliver the property as described and on time. We research the developers based on their longevity and track record of delivering high quality, low maintenance product.

When we look at the facilities of a development or property we look for a balance between those which will add value to your property either through higher rents or increased capital growth potential. Features such as swimming pools, gardens and gymnasiums all add to the appeal of your property compared to those surrounding it. These facilities also add to the on-going costs of your investment. We aim to balance these and recommend properties which offer the highest level of facilities on a value for money basis.

On-site Management 
As a general rule we believe on-site management adds value to your investment. On-site managers usually run the complex as a business and therefore it is in their interest (and yours) to keep the complex looking and feeling inviting. If the on-site manager is also your letting manager his interests are further aligned with yours. Essentially each time he accepts a new tenant he is accepting a new neighbour and good neighbours are generally good tenants.

Special Features
Special features are those “x-factors” which might be difficult to quantify but which have the potential to add vale to you as the owner through either increased rent or greater potential capital gain. These may vary from energy efficiencies and sustainability features to lifestyle features or future upgrades.

Feature Property


Dual NRAS - 10 Monarch St. Rosewood

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  • Dominik - Sydney
    I have dealt with Pasa Investment Properties and Mark McKenzie since 2011 when I bought an investment property in Brisbane. I received professional service, attractive pricing and even advice on which conveyancer I can use in South East Queensland. I got a return of over 70% on my investment within the first year and after 2 years the return nears 200%. I am likely to purchase more in the future and surely will go to Mark first. I strongly recommend his services to anyone interested in NRAS properties.
  • Hari - Canberra
    Recently we purchased an investment property from PASA,  The NRAS property was exchanged and settled within a very short period of time due to the exceptional service and experience of PASA manager and staff.  Prior to purchasing the property, we searched the NRAS property from the PASA website, it's one of the best website to guide us through finding the most suitable NRAS property which serves our interest.  The information provided in the website is very informative. 
  • David - Brisbane
    I bought an NRAS property through PASA in 2013. I'd been looking at NRAS for a while, but other agents had been uncommunicative or evasive. Mark showed me properties that would be good for both potential tenants, current cash flow and for future capital growth. He helped greatly with interactions with the consortium in answer to questions from myself, lawyer, mortgage broker and bank as NRAS can be complex. Mark was a great help and showed much patience. I wholeheartedly recommend PASA.
  • Girish - Sydney
    We have been given professional service and advice by Mark McKenzie when we were planning to buy some properties in QLD. With the level of knowledge and professional service, we were impressed and ended up buying more NRAS properties than what we were initially aiming for. It has been a great relief in dealing with professionals who have a good grasp about the location, prices, which is especially important when buying in a location that is not known to us. If we happen to buy more, I’ll use their services once again.
  • Mayumi & Rajesh - Sydney
    We would like to sincerely thank Mark Mckenzie from PASA for his professionalism and enthusiasm in securing our TWO NRAS properties and assisting us building our property portfolio. When we decided to build our property portfolio we wanted someone who can help us to find properties which suit our criteria.   We shared our plan with Mark. Mark has spent his lot of his time understanding our strategy. Then, He carefully introduced properties to us including pro and cons. We particularly appreciated his dedication towards help and showing us on how to enter in the property market with calculated risks. He was always carrying out hard negotiation part for us and we never had issues with bank valuation. The properties which he has proposed has appreciated over the last 16 months and producing positive cash flow for us. He was always prompt, patient and polite in addressing any concerns we had right through to after settlement - even on his day off! 
  • Melanie - Brisbane
    As a new entrant to the property market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and worry that you’re making the wrong choice.  Mark from PASA went out of his way to provide me with options that met my criteria, answering all my questions and guiding me through the purchasing process.   His knowledge and expertise in the market was invaluable, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.   I’m now on the property ladder and 100% confident that I’ve made the right investment choice – thank you Mark & PASA for making it happen!
  • Jenny - Melbourne
    I recently bought a NRAS property through Mark.  I was apprehensive initially. As I live in Victoria,  I had no ideas on where to invest, what to buy in terms of future capital growth and rental yield in Queensland. 
    Mark has guided me and provided me a lot of professional advice  and information relentlessly to my requests. I felt I was in good hands in terms of making a right investment decision for my family. 
    I certainly recommend him to any investors who would consider to invest for their future.
  • Mark G. - Brisbane
    I have been dealing with Mark for about three years now, and always found him to be professional, courteous and answered any questions I had in a timely manner. PASA is in touch with the intricacies of an NRAS investment and can make the whole process easy and understandable for those not familiar with it. I would like to personally thank Mark for the help and guidance thought my first investment property purchase and I will be looking to him for my next purchase in the not too distant future.